54% of online shoppers get subscription boxes - can your business sell to them too?

May 11, 2021
Emmanuel Cohen

Do you know that more than half of online shoppers (54%) say they subscribe to a subscription box service according to a Clutch survey?

The explanation for the rising demand for subscriptions among shoppers seems obvious. Imagine ordering subscription boxes and frequently sending everything from meals to toiletries to their doorstep. A survey by Clutch shows how crucial this pattern is.

The survey found that the subscription box market appeals to the needs of customers for comfortable and modern experiences.

The results of the study by Clutch illustrate the lucrative benefits of providing a subscription service to consumers. It also shows its importance to small business owners.

A note to small businesses

Small businesses need to know what the most common types of subscription boxes are so that they can maximize the effectiveness of campaigns for their subscription box services.

Curation Subscription

With the curation subscription constituting 55% of all subscriptions, expect to be surprised and delighted. The majority of consumers who subscribe to this subscription service want bespoke curation, which competitors can't readily duplicate. For companies looking to enter the market to enhance their current web strategy or curate something entirely new, this presents a fantastic opportunity.

Replenishment subscription

With the replenishment subscription constituting 32% of all subscriptions, it is focused on “never running out” at a lower cost than retail. The hurdle here is that it can be a race to the bottom for price and it is relatively easy to replicate.

Access Subscription

With Access constituting 13% of all subscriptions, it makes up exclusive member-only programs that provide VIP perks, early access to new products, and exclusivity. Most large-scale firms already have a loyalty program in place. By adding access subscriptions, you can increase your monthly or quarterly revenue while still providing a unique experience for your best clients.

How to pick a subscription box for your business

Think of the goods you offer or the facilities you might have. Offer a subscription box service to your customers that allows them to try new items, provides them with a consistent item replacement, or allows customers to access discounts and benefits. This may make shrewd business sense, allowing you to retain customer loyalty.

Food is one example of an industry in which subscription boxes operate especially well. As a result, small businesses working in the food industry should consider offering subscription box services for consumers. You could deliver important ingredients to their door for instance. This is a smart way to sell consumers more items and preserve brand loyalty.

For customers, such a service is perfect because it provides them with cost-saving opportunities since they don't have to spare out extra dollars on ingredients they don't need.

Research by Clutch indicates that subscription boxes play into the basic components of human psychology; that is, the need for both convenient and novel services which includes saving cost. Paul Moyer stated in the Clutch survey that: “We really want to expose our kids to different types of food, but buying all the ingredients can get very expensive. By having the meal kit delivered, we save the cost of buying an entire jar of spice we will only use for one meal.”

What advantages come from a subscription box service offering? For easy, novel, repetitive, and effective services, small business owners should appeal to contemporary market demands. And new products can be tested and never be left short of the things they need.

Choose a platform

To launch a subscription box, you'll need to host your brick and mortar store on a fully functional eCommerce platform. Fortunately, there are several such platforms on the market today, each with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. But to circumvent the limits of most e-commerce platforms, we recommend Shopify and Shopify Plus to our customers.

Shopify is an easy-to-use no-code online store builder trusted by over 1,700,000 businesses in 175 countries. It's a fully hosted Cloud-Based solution with dropshipping integration with 100+ professional themes, 3,200+ apps to power your business and a support community of business owners like you.

Select a subscription app to build your box

Shopify subscription apps can ensure that you have the payments coming in from your customers so you’re not chasing them. 

Shopify subscription apps should also make it easier for customers to manage their monthly orders. They might be able to add products, remove products or cancel without speaking to you. This can be a huge time saver.

While there are a couple of Shopify apps from ReCharge to Bold that can help you achieve that, my first recommendation is Chargezen for a variety of reasons besides being the most comprehensive and economical subscription management solution in the market.

Chargezen Subscription - Powering Recurring Payments for Innovative Brands

Chargezen is a unified subscription app that enables brands sell recurring products, build custom subscription boxes, gain insights into their data, and more to create an incredible experience for their customers! It is the most advanced vertically integrated cloud-based platform for managing subscriptions. 

Chargezen's homegrown marketing suite was built from the ground up to meet the unique marketing needs of the subscription economy. It was designed to launch referrals, build loyalty and campaigns without wasting the developer's time or plumbing several 3rd-party apps!‍ 

  • Simple & effective with WYSIWYG builder
  • Enterprise-ready with granular data insights
  • Build brand loyalty with rewards & loyalty tools
  • Take social proof to the next level

So, whether you’re starting a subscription-based business or seeking to upscale an existing one, Chargezen is a one-stop solution. From CRMs, automation, accounting tools, invoicing to tax management; Chargezen integrates with most of the apps you’re already using and constantly adds support for more. It is now even better with dedicated Kubernetes server clusters that handle unexpected load spikes without ruffling a feather!

Unlike its competitors who charge as much as $49/month and 1%+ per subscription product, Chargezen offers its solution for free at the beginning and charges less than 1% per subscription product. In other words, you get to pay only when you sell! And switching to Chargezen can save your business on average 50% in third-party app spend and overage charges.

The best part is, with or without your PC, you can keep tabs on your business on the go with the Chargezen mobile app. It's available on iOS App & Google play store to help you get a quick snapshot of your business 24/7; send invoices; respond to customer queries or get alerts.


I'm hopeful that you now have a good idea of what subscription box to sell to your customers. Take the first step by reaching out to Chargezen’s support team or send me a message at success@trychargezen if you need help getting started.

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