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However you sell subscriptions, Chargezen fits.

Offer build-a-box products, replishment products, digital membership, subscription bundles or prepaid plans with ease!

Where there's recurring billing, there's Chargezen.

Built with boundless flexibility to support your unique needs.

Replenishment/Standard subscription

This allows you to create subscription groups that can be appended to your products so customers can simply subscribe to those products. This is suited for stores with a large inventory or subscription brands needing basic subscriptions with varying replenishment frequencies.

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Curated/Box Subscription

This feature allows you to specify the number of products that will be included in the subscription box as well as the price for each Subscription. You can use this functionality to create bespoke meal plans, a dynamic subscription box, or a one-of-a-kind bundle of products. You can even provide different sizes of subscription boxes.

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Local Subscriptions

This is similar to standard subscriptions however, it is offline; and suitable for brick-and-mortar brands that use a POS. This is suitable for coffee shops, restaurants, gyms etc.

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Chargezen lets you set a recurring fee for memberships to a digital product, forum or limit access to certain perks or features of your website. This is suitable for meal planners & fitness trainers, digital courses, etc.

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We've helped thousands of DTC/CPG brands unlock more revenue from existing customers

Chargezen singlehandedly took the place of the multiple apps we were using to run subscriptions, replenishment & Data analytics; and additionally provided features we didn't know we needed to scale customer lifetime value.
Switching to Chargezen has been a big upgrade for us, but the icing on the cake is their stellar customer support!

Mattew Rylan

Product Manager, Rittly

ChargeZen users get ROI in under 3 weeks! We make sure you always derive maximum value from our product.

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