Making insightful business decisions has never been easier!

We gather data from multiple touchpoints to give you holistic view of your revenue, customer acquisition, user retention & omni-channel engagement. All vital SAAS metrics covered.

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Double down on the positive, eliminate the negative. Increase MRR, reduce Churn rate

Customer analysis for acquisition and retention

Understand the lifecycle of your subscribers, and gain insight into the buying habits of your customers. Chargezen Analytics dashboard helps you gather and manage the information that could shape your next marketing campaign or loyalty plan.

Measure, retain, and grow your business with the Enhanced Analytics suite

Product analysis for better inventory management

It doesn’t matter that some claim ‘product is king’ while others disagree. What matters is that collecting data about the performance of your products allows you to plan and manage your inventory better. Furthermore, you could gain insight into the market’s favorite products and why. It all helps you plan

Revenue analysis for better financial planning

Have a clearer understanding of your monthly recurring revenue, total refunds, and other metrics that impact the success of your business. After all, “turnover is vanity, profit is sensible, cash flow is king.”

What E-commerce platform hosts your store? We’re integrated!

Woo-commerce, Webflow e-commerce, SAP commerce, Big-commerce, Shopify - we constantly add new integrations!

Experience seamless integration with any platform, simple setup, and even more straightforward use of the analytics dashboard.

We've helped thousands of subscription businesses streamline their billing workflow

Chargezen singlehandedly took the place of the multiple apps we were using to run subscriptions and additionally provided features we didn't know we needed to scale subscriptions. Switching to Chargezen has been a big upgrade for us, but the icing on the cake is their stellar customer support!

Mattew Rylan

Product Manager, Rittly

ChargeZen users get ROI in under 3 weeks! We make sure you always derive maximum value from our product.

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