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How soon can I get up & running with ChargeZen
In 30 minutes or less! Because we're integrated with native shopify checkout, you don't have to setup a thirdparty payment gateway.
Can I migrate from another subscriptions app to chargezen?
Yeah sure! Just speak to our support team and we'll migrate your data and customers over in no time!.
Can I use one account for the several shopify stores I own?
Yes of course! Let us know and we'll consolidate all of yours stores under one billing account so you use one subscription for all your stores.
How do I manage chargebacks & failed payments?
Chargezen utilizes smart card fraud filters & payment failure management systems that optimizes for the lowest chargeback & churn rates.
Does Chargezen support upsells & one-time products?
Yes it does! On the deluxe plan, you can offer upsells in the cart and customer portal; or one-time products in the customer portal.
Is ChargeZen PCI & GDPR compliant?
Yes it is, and since shopify manages your customers credit card information, we don't tamper with it. We satisfy all data sharing & GDPR regulations.
Is it possible to deactivate my account?
Yes! You can deactivate your account at any moment by deleting the Chargezen app from your Shopify account's "Apps'' section.
What will my bill look like?
Your bill is a monthly fee - for paid plans, while your Shopify invoice will include your transaction fee.
What about one-off items or purchases? Are there any other charges?
Transaction fees will not be charged to orders that do not include subscription products. Only orders containing subscription items will be charged transaction fees.
What are the limitations of the free plan?
All app features are now the same for all packages; however, as development progresses, some functionality will be restricted to paid packages.
Which payment gateways are supported?
At launch, the new Chargezen app will only operate with Shopify Payments; nevertheless, as Shopify provides API support for more gateways, we will integrate them. Please contact our staff if you require an alternative gateway. Our current app is functional and supports a variety of payment gateways, such as Braintree,, Stripe, and others.
Do you have a trial version I can try before I buy it?
Absolutely! You can use our app with Shopify Payments in "test-mode" for as long as you require. Simply select a payment plan on the app settings page whenever you're ready to execute live charges. A 14-day free trial is included with all of our paid plans. There are no contracts, and you can cancel at any moment. We also have a no-fee starting package available!

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I've continued to work with Chargezen because they consistently deliver high quality work and are willing to go to great lengths to accomplish the job per the specifications, even if it turns out to more challenging than initially expected.


I've said it before and I'll say it again, working with Chargezen is a pleasure, and there isn't anything that they don't know or can't do in the world of Shopify.


Chargezen completed our shopify webpage in an extremely quick manner with no mistakes. Thanks for helping us launch our new products so quickly. We will definitely re-hire you in the future!


We had a very unusual requirement on our Shopify site. On top of it, we needed it done quickly before Black Friday. We encountered some unforeseen issues and Chargezen worked to resolve the issues on Thanksgiving day.

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