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Turn one-time customers into returning customers and put revenue on autopilot with the most advanced vertically integrated subscription management solution.

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Simplify Reordering for returning customers across offline & online distribution channels.

Your best customers want to reorder; ReplenishMe™ makes that a breeze with one-click; leveraging QR codes, Email or SMS Channels.

Easy offline Refills  with ReplenishMe™ QR Codes.

ReplenishMe™ QR codes, your quick ticket to hassle-free reorders

Revolutionize your packaging, turning it from passive to proactive, generating consistent recurring revenue. An upgrade that aligns with your brand value - efficiency.
Our QR codes, adaptable to any form factor, promise seamless reordering wherever they're placed. But their benefits extend beyond simplicity

Actionable data insights

Armed with data from ReplenishMe™ QR codes, you gain valuable insights into customer behavior, enhancing your decision-making for marketing campaigns. Optimize replenishment flows, SMS marketing, or retargeting ads - all with insights from our QR codes. Elevate your brand with data-driven strategies, making your brand experience truly seamless.

Harness the power of ReplenishMe™ Email

Experience effortless automation of Sendlane, ActiveCampaign, Mailchimp or Klaviyo replenishment flows, gain precise product-level insights, and optimize reordering reminders.
Utilize our personalized, headless refill carts for one-click reordering and unmatched conversion rates.
Navigate the complexities of fast-moving consumer goods with confidence and drive revenue growth.

Turbocharge Engagement with ReplenishMe™ SMS

Elevate customer engagement with ReplenishMe™ SMS. Seamlessly integrated with Klaviyo, postscript & attentive,  ReplenishMe™ ensures optimized replenishment flows.
Leverage personalized carts based on order history for streamlined post-purchase flows, significantly enhancing the buying experience and your brand's profitability.

Integrate digital to your physical customer touchpoints

Automatically sync walk-in customers' information with Chargezen, issue automated e-receipts, and re-engage them across multiple channels from a central inbox. Build lasting relationships with referral & loyalty programs, exclusive events, discounts, or content designed to promote desirable customer behaviors and drive a measurable increase in LTV.

We've helped thousands of DTC/CPG brands unlock more revenue from existing customers

Chargezen singlehandedly took the place of the multiple apps we were using to run subscriptions, replenishment & Data analytics; and additionally provided features we didn't know we needed to scale customer lifetime value.
Switching to Chargezen has been a big upgrade for us, but the icing on the cake is their stellar customer support!

Mattew Rylan

Product Manager, Rittly

ChargeZen users get ROI in under 3 weeks! We make sure you always derive maximum value from our product.

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